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Last September when Larry was first diagnosed one oncologist was pressuring us to do a standard protocol which he assumed he needed because the cancer must be beyond or will spread beyond his neck. There were a couple very small spots elsewhere but by December those spots were no longer visible on the CT/PET scan done in Houston. This standard protocol was one-size-fits-all and had some very undesirable side effects which included no hope of getting rid of the cancer. We decided to take time to do our own research. Our goal then as it is now is to approach this cancer in a way that would not threaten Larry’s quality of life.

The blood test results from today are STILL looking good along with his appetite, weight, pulse, bp. At each appointment the oncologist asks Larry if he’s experiencing any of the several possible side effects to which his answer has always been NO.

Monday he had a CT scan and today results showed again that only the lymphs on the left side of his neck are involved and the size of the mass, though it had gone down to nearly nothing and now is larger again, is still not as large as it was in March.

Today while talking with his oncologist about a possible new approach based on the scan results and how well he is doing, said that that protocol we first felt pressured to do would be not only unnecessary, as the cancer is so localized, it would also be over kill to do it. Had we simply taken the first oncologist’s word to do the standard protocol with all the undesirable and dangerous side effects, we’re not at all sure that he would have been able to continue to work, enjoy his family and other recreation or would even still be with us. Doing your own research and seeking God’s direction is VERY IMPORTANT!

We started a new approach at our alternative cancer doctor last Monday. (The details of how we came to know about this and the timing is a story in itself). We have started seeing some encouraging improvement. So the question is what do we do now? Do we do this new approach by itself? Do we do a localized radiation or another type of chemo as the oncologist stresses or do we do some combination of these?

We will have to make a decision within the next couple weeks. So if you would pray with us as we seek, ask & knock for direction that would be a wonderful means of support to us. Your faithful support in the past has yielded amazing results as you just read and we thank you SO VERY MUCH.


November 26, 2014 Update


From diagnosis to now, it’s been a long process, but my wife and I will finally be flying to Houston on Monday, December 1. My appointment at the Burzynski Clinic will be on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. and we will plan on staying in Houston for 3 weeks.
If you would like to follow our progress about our time in Houston, you may do so at:


Thank you for your continual love, prayers and various types of support, it means a lot to us!


About mid-September I noticed my neck was swollen on the left side. I had worked hard splitting and stacking wood a few days before and thought that maybe I had pulled or strained my neck muscles. I decided to call for a doctor’s appointment. They were able to get me in at noon. The doctor said I should have a CT scan and because of a cancellation I had the scan done that same day. God was moving things along quickly, yet, we waited a long time for the results to come back. The doctor’s face said it all; this was very serious. Later that week I had a biopsy. The following week the oncologist ordered a bone marrow biopsy and PET scan.

My wife, Linda, our daughter and I met with the oncologist the next week to get the tests results. He informed us I had stage 4 Mantle cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. It is rare; only 7% of people with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma have this type of lymphoma. Then the oncologist proceeded to tell us basically my only option was an 18-week regiment of chemotherapy, which was not a cure just a treatment, that might buy me 3-4 years and then I’d have to do it all again. He explained the side effects I could expect and that my immune system would be seriously compromised.

We had made plans to have all our children and their families come to our home so we could tell them what the results were and to pray together. Two of our pastors came that night and we had a good time talking and praying together. Our extended family, church family and friends have been a great help and comfort to us along this journey as we prayed for wisdom and direction. We knew that chemotherapy wasn’t what we wanted to do and that there had to be more to offer than months, if not years, of weakness and a compromised immune system.
Linda and I set aside a week to pray and seek the Lord’s direction. Through friends and other associates we began to hear about alternative therapies. After investigating them and talking with people who had used these types of treatments we now had hope indeed that there was something other than chemotherapy. We decided to seek treatment at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston.

Linda and I have been married 38+ years most of which we spent on a dairy and crop farm. Now we manage a condominium together. Our 3 children, their spouses and 6 grandchildren (with one more on the way) are the delight of our ‘old age.’ It is with their help and encouragement and our extended family and friends we seek remission of this cancer.

This isn’t my first experience with cancer. In 1997, at the age of 50 I was diagnosed with a very rare melanoma in my right eye. I chose to have my eye removed. By God’s grace the cancer was contained in the eye and I didn’t have to undergo treatment then. We didn’t have health insurance but God made a way for us to be able to pay our bills off completely in approximately 2 years.

The scripture that was like a rock under our feet in the shifting sand of 1997 is still today our shelter in this storm.
“Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”Isaiah 41:10

We often find comfort in music such as these songs and wish to share them with you as they have helped us see this season of life from a new perspective.
Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer.

Still My Soul, Be Still

When Trials Come