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My story starts with a sore throat that started in October of 2015 that wouldn’t go away.
After several scripts of antibiotics my Dr. sent to me an ENT Dr. who did a biopsy of my
left tonsil and found out that I had a squamous cell carcinoma.
I was sent to a surgeon  in Orlando, Florida who recommended chemotherapy and
radiation.  I didn’t want to try those type of treatments; so I sought help thru a local Dr.
in Lakeland, Florida who does some alternative treatments, my funds ran out for that
and Medicare doesn’t cover any type of alternative treatments.  Then I was desperate and
tried the radiation and chemotherapy which my body didn’t handle very well and had to
stop the treatments.
In the mean time I have been constantly educating myself on alternative treatments and
clinics and found out about the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.
Thru emails to clinic and Dr. Burzynski’s recommendation for the Gene Therapy;
I have decided to try the Burzynski Clinic but will need financial help in order to do so.
According to the estimated costs from the Burzynaki Clinic I will need about 40,000 to start ,
starting with the consultation and first 2 weeks of treatment and then 7,000 a month
ater that for medication.
I realize I am an older person but I still enjoy life.  I have one son who is 48 years old;
who does have mental issues.  I still have hope that God will totally deliver him from
his problems. God is able and with me also but he does work thru great Dr’s.
I truly believe God has more for me to do on this earth and anything you can do would
be greatly appreciated.  All donations thru this fundraiser are tax deductible.
Thank you and God Bless you