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I could not believe when my 35 – year – old son, Zoltan Nemes, was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer back in 2014. Ever since this news struck our family, Zoltan has been going through numerous treatments. He initially started with conventional treatment, as we decided that was the best way to fight this. Therefore, he did chemo and radiation prior to the surgery and then chemo again. We were hoping and praying that this had taken care of it all, and that he could live his life cancer free.

Unfortunately, in February 2017, a new mass has appeared, and this time it has metastasized to the right ureter . The oncologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago has brought the case to the weekly meeting, with a panel of other oncologists, and sadly they determined that it was inoperable and incurable by conventional therapies. Therefore, they respectfully told my son that there is nothing they could do for him.

Moreover, the mass has also affected the right kidney. Because of it’s location on the ureter, the mass has created a stricture that does not allow the kidney to drain. The urologist has put in different stents, increasing the size every time, but with minimal success. The kidney has lost most of its function and has started atrophying .

In search for better answers, my son visited several clinics throughout the country among which the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas, and Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, California, where he is currently receiving treatment. He’s also waiting for an answer on the possibility of having a cryo – surgery to freeze the tumor .

Since the conventional treatment is not an option, he really has no other hope than alternative medicine . But unfortunately, this is not covered by his health insurance, and the costs for treatments are huge. The medication and treatment alone go up to $18,000 per month, which will make over $216,000 for an entire year.

We do have hope and pray that everyone who can afford, can find it in their heart to support Zoltan on his road to recovery. We need and appreciate all the help we can get, and we’ll make sure to pay it forward once healed.