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My 16 year old son has an astrocytoma, brain stem tumor.  It is inoperable and they cannot even do a biopsy.  They have given him 1 year of life with radiation that will also cause tiredness, nausea, and harm to many possible critical functions that will be affected in that area.  He could spend the last months of his life sightless, with hearing loss, paralysis etc…  This has been so devastating to our family.  He has been very healthy up to this point and only found out about this as he told us he was dizzy and weak on his left side and was not able to play basketball on his school team. We took him to doctors that looked in to his symptoms.  They initially thought it was an inner ear problem and tried for months working with treatment that did not help.  They finally did an MRI, and the tumor was discovered. In our desperate search for answers we have found a clinic in Houston Texas that offers some hope.   Insurance will cover only a very small portion of the cost and we have used up most all our savings.

Over the past year our daughter was diagnosed with diabetes last summer, we have had water damage to our home that was extensive Sept. – Dec., my husband having many treatments for a fibrillating heart and then being laid off his job at ATK in April.  We have paid so much in medical costs already and then this most difficult news of all. If you could find it in your heart to help us we would be so grateful.

With humble hearts,

The Lockhart Family