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One morning I woke up with an inflamed breast and went to the doctor. He thought it was mastitis and prescribed antibiotics which did nothing. Therefore, he decided to send me for a mammogram which showed a tumor in my left breast. In June I was scheduled for a lumpectomy which showed the tumor had metastasized and was in my lymph nodes.

I went to several oncologists for a treatment plan but out of five doctors I was told me something different from each one which left me with a lot of questions.

I did some alternative treatments and by December the PET scan showed no signs of cancer. However by the following spring I dreamed I had another lump which was indeed present. I had another lumpectomy and began doing some research as to what might work on the type of cancer I have.

Enter the Burzynski Clinic: I borrowed money from a friend to make my first visit to the Burzynski Clinic in Texas where they did the genetic testing of my tumor to find that none of the protocols that were offered to me would have been effective. Therefore, I would like to begin the treatment that has been determined from the genetic testing that is gene targeted specific as soon as possible as the cancer is spreading quite rapidly now and has also spread to my left lung. I have been forced to stop the alternative treatment I was doing that was slowing the growth of the cancer while I find a way to afford treatment at the Burzynski Clinic. My insurance company has since cancelled my insurance leaving me with little options.

Since I have had the gene targeted diagnosis I would like to begin treatment at the Burzynski clinic as soon as possible as the cancer is now spreading very quickly.

The start of treatment will cost $20,000 and continue at approximately $4,500 per month.