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August 20th 2013, UPDATE

Hello All, I apologize for the delayed response. Those that are involved in this world know that even if your body is cancer free there are still many bumps along the road. We are beyond ecstatic to share that the scan my mom, Marla, did in April 2013 showed no sign of disease!!!!!!!

It is a feeling that is indescribable and I never knew if we would get there. Without the help of all our friends and loved ones, and this incredible organization, we would not be where we are today. More to come.

God bless,

Marla and Family

Hi All – Since April Mom has continued to face challenges and has had to make the incredible decision to not give up, continue to fight, and believe that she is moving into perfect health, even though most days she feels very far from that.  She began another new treatment plan in April, and we continue to look for/research the best treatment combination that will get her out of this battle.

Again, your love and assistance has been so powerful and we are grateful for our blessings each day.  Though she is not out of the woods yet, she continues to stay strong in her mind and body and is lifted up by the support and love of those in her life.

April 15th 2012,  UPDATE

We have just returned from Houston.  We had such great news from the trip in December, but this one did not hold the same.  It seems that the medicine Mom started in January may have helped slightly at the beginning but then she may have built an immunity towards it.  The most recent scan did not show improvement.

It is very important for us to get going on the next plan, and KEEP THE FAITH.

It feels like we have gone back a few steps, but we are working with insurance AGAIN to get the new medicine that she needs approved.

We are facing financial needs again, and we ask for prayers that this new medicine is exactly what Mom needs to Fight this cancer!!!!!!

Thank you for your continued love and support – Please continue to share this with anyone that may have interest in helping – ANYTHING DOES TRULY HELP!!!!

Much Love,

Marla’s Family


For those of you who know her, Marla is a gracious and caring individual.  In May we were told that she has stage 3 carcinoma of the head, neck and throat.  Through a flurry of appointments with oncologists across several specialties, we were confronted with treatment options of varying outcomes.  One of the most viable treatments “offered” was complete removal of her tongue and a large percentage of her neck and throat.  Not feeling reassured at all by our options we have done extensive research into all avenues of cancer treatment.

Finally we have found a beacon of light!  Our research and different physician resources brought us to The Burzynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.  Even though this was hopeful we learned that the clinic had an approval process.  We promised we would attempt any open doors and therefore sent in the documentation to have her medical records sent to Houston.  Last week we received a phone call, and they said that Mom is a good candidate!  This news was overwhelming in several ways.  The hope that it brought, especially for Mom, was immense, but soon after that so was the financial cost.

Dr. Burzynski has been curing cancer for the past 40 years.  He has had a long road, but the FDA is now cooperating with him even more and he has been approved for phase III testing, the final phase for FDA approval.  He does have several drugs that have been approved individually.  His treatment is individualized and causes no side-effects.  It is gene targeted therapy and he uses antineoplastons to fight cancerous cells without affecting normal cells.  This can be customized when needed to include more standardized treatments, such as chemo and radiation.

Mom has been in pain for several weeks and is having a hard time talking and swallowing.  We were able to get an appointment on August 22nd and with all my power I intend to have her down there for that.  She would have to stay in Houston for 1 to 3 weeks, but then any additional treatment would be sent home with her.

In Hope,



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