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Kamil is a brave, 29-year-old young Pole fighting against the most malignant brain cancer – glioma. In 2012 his life fell into pieces from day to day and his struggle has been continuing until this day. Kamil shouldn’t be among us according to the doctors. The disease has developed even more after two extremely complicated surgeries and radiation therapy. The tumor occupied 25% of the brain area and the forecasts were just a few months of life.dsc_1013-3

Kamil’s family unsuccessfully sought help in all Europe, finally finding out in Germany, Belgium or Switzerland that Kamil couldn’t be saved and he should use remained time the best he could. Anyway, his family did not give up. They sold their apartment, to
ok out a loan and good-hearted people came to the rescue. Thanks to them Kamilgathered the resources and began experimental treatment in Houston, which after 3 years reduced the tumor by as much as 93%.

However, Kamil’s family’s financial situation is very bad and yet another therapy costs  $300,000. Lack of funds to continue the treatment means the end of his dream of getting cured due to an extreme cost of the most advanced dr
ugs. Unfortunately in December 2016 we found out, that there is second tumor on his brain what gives him less time to react and defend.

At the Burzynski Clinic

At the Burzynski Clinic

Kamil is an amazing man who’s faced the most hopeless forecasts, hasn’t broken down and he’s constantly winning his battle. He inspires many people who found themselves in a similar situation. Kamil wants to live and his biggest dream is to start his own family. What is within our reach is a climax of his dreams. Please, let’s help this brave man defeat the deadly enemy.