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I’m Dee McCarter, and by way of introduction,  I hope to be a cancer survivor.   About 9 months ago, I began to have trouble with my speech and word finding.  It had been bothering me for some time but I attributed it to my nerves and grieving the death of my youngest son six months before.  That very day, I called my doctor and told him that I felt my antidepressant medicine and my Klonopin (for nerves) were not working together.  My doctor didn’t think my speech was bad, but he sent me to have a C T Scan, just to rule out live any serious problem.  Later that day, he called me and said I was to be at the hospital at 8:00 next morning for a MRI.

At 5:00 that evening, I heard a knock at my door and upon opening it,  there stood my doctor. He had written down my address and found my house, and came there to tell me the results of my test; it was not good news and he said that I appeared to have a large tumor which is known as a high glioma.  I know it must have been difficult to tell me the diagnosis; he knew that I live alone since my son’s death and he knew I’d be undergoing brain surgery in the next 4 days and he advised me to call my son in Nevada and get him home as soon as possible.

My son arrived Sunday and I was so relieved to have him with me.  There was a lot to be done before surgery and we didn’t have much time, on Tuesday we traveled to the hospital.  The operation went well and my son stayed by my side until I was released three days later.  I don’t remember much of what happened after surgery but I was grateful for my  son.  He & I have had a hard time emotionally;  losing his brother was hard on him and we had lost his other brother at 16 while playing baseball at the high school.  He collapsed on the field and the  doctors called it sudden cardiac death.  We try to lean on each other emotionally.

I am receiving Avastin chemotherpy, but to try to live very long, I very much need to go to the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, TX.  I was all set to go but they called and gave me the bad news that my insurance was not acceptable.  Now I’m trying to work full-time, selling things that I don’t any longer need, like power tools, and all the things that youngest son had.

I have a beauty salon, and during the 23 years I’ve had it, I have given money or services for any benefit that asked, and I pray that in my hour of need, that it will come back around. Thank you for your prayers and good wishes.   Few people live very long with this cancer, but I intend to be one of them.  Thank you for  any help you may give.