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My name is Cherise and I am seeking assistance with medical costs for treatment of my daughter Cheyanne.

Cheyanne has been battling with anaplastic astrocytoma-state III since August of 2015. During that year, she had radiation done Mon-Fri for 6 weeks and was also doing oral chemotherapy. Cheyanne continued to go to school and made honor roll all through 3rd grade. The end of 2016 began to become a struggle, she is beginning to have memory problems and school work became very frustrating. In Januaryof 2017 she had a huge setback. She began to walk funny then began having slurred speech. This became known to be a legion of some sort that landed on her brain stem. Since Feb 10 of 2017, she has declined in all areas…speech, walking and holding items in hand.


Cheyanne loves people, loves to socialize and loves to make others happy. She truly is different. We stumbled upon Dr. Burzynski through the internet. I am hoping this will be the miracle to save my daughter. The doctors here are pretty much giving up and want to discuss things such as hospice care. I refuse to entertain such talk. I NEED to watch my only child grow.