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“Ben was hospitalized March 2015 for two weeks with symptoms of severe vertigo, visual
distortions, extreme nausea and migraine headaches. Ben had numerous trips to hospital E.R.
in April 2015.

Benjamin has been confined to a wheel chair for the majority of the year and still suffers from vertigo. Just recently, he has been able to walk short distances with his walker under supervision but still can not prepare meals for himself. Benjamin struggles with photo sensitivity (he can not watch TV, look at computer screens, view vivid colors, bright lights with out experiencing nausea and increased vertigo symptoms).

The doctors have ruled out many common conditions but have yet to find the cause
to Ben’s neurological symptoms. Its undetermined if Ben’s new neurological symptoms are related to Marfan Syndrome. We continue to work with Doctors to find the cause and cure of Ben’s illness. We appreciate all donations large or small and all your prayers for Ben. “