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My story and why I want to go to Burzynski Clinic

In May 2015 I was cancer free after four chemo therapy treatments for large B cell non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma . Two more treatments and I was cancer free again! And now, as of December 2016, the lymphoma is back again plus they said there is another undiagnosed underlying disease.  Local pathologist and renowned teaching hospital called in as a second opinion, pathologists nearby still need more tissue (already surgically removed) to do their own slides to try and diagnose the underlying disease. My case is complicated by the existence of an autoimmune disease called Sjögren’s syndrome. In the late January 2017 end, the second opinion doctors concurred with the original diagnosis of large B cell non Hodgkin Lymphoma. While undergoing chemo in AZ I became aware of the many documentaries by Ty Bollinger (the truthaboutcancer.com  Among them was one about the work of Dr Stanislaw Berzynski in Houston TX . I decided then that, if ever needed, I would want him to work with me .  Dr. Burzynski has now reviewed my medical records and believes his antineoplaston therapy can help my condition without the severe and debilitating chemotherapies they are talking about here locally.

I would really appreciate your support in my fund raiser efforts to get to Houston TX in the next few weeks to begin my treatment with Dr. Burzynski. Since the local oncologist on two occasions said if I do nothing I will be dead in a few months.

If you can make even a small donation and share my link on your Facebook page and social media, it would help so much.

I believe God is making a way where there seems to be no way for this to happen for me. I invite you to be a part of my journey. Your prayers are appreciated too. I promise to pay it forward…

This site is specifically set up to assist patients in getting to the Burzynski Clinic . Making a donation to my medical fundraiser efforts here makes your donation tax deductible .

Cynthia Joy Strobel,