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How We Got Started

Setting Them Free was founded by Larry Manning of Mesa, Arizona.  In 2009, Larry’s wife, Margaret, was diagnosed with late stage Mantel-cell Lymphoma.  They were given little hope with traditional forms of cancer treatment. Margaret was told she had about one year to live if she didn’t get treatment and about three years if she did the strongest chemotherapy in the hospital and bone marrow transplant twice. Larry and Margaret sought alternative care at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston,Texas.  The treatment wasn’t covered by their health insurance.   A wonderful family donated to help Margaret with the initial money needed to begin her treatment.  Funds were donated through a local Charitable Organization in her honor.   Friends, family and community assisted monthly with money, prayers and local fundraisers.  It was a sacrifice for many but it also blessed lives in the process.  Margaret has been in remission since September, 2010.   Larry and Margaret will be forever grateful to all those that helped them in their time of crisis. We hope that Setting Them Free can help others with funding the cancer treatment of their choice.

The Video Below Tells The Story Behind Setting Them Free.

Music and lyrics by Margaret Manning. Performed by Michelle Moyer.